Refund Policy

Dear valued customer, keeping you happy and satisfied at all times is our main goal, and we really mean it. One of the ways we can prove that to you is through our flexible refund policy. We promise to preserve the value of your purchases by offering you multiple refund options as described below.


Full Payment Purchases

All full payment purchases of deals (not as a partial voucher) tied to services (not deliverable goods) remain eligible for a refund anytime up until 3 months after the voucher expiry date.
In such cases we require no explanation or reason for your request of a refund; however, only 80% of the amount paid on the website will be refunded. Your account on Ofrero will be credited with that amount which you can use on or cash them out by visiting any of our offices.

If proven that you are unable to redeem your voucher due to the unwillingness of the party offering the deal to deliver the promised service to you, we will investigate your claim to decide whether you will be eligible for a full refund which you can either picking up as a cash payment from our offices; or as a credit to your account on our website.

Vouchers for ticketed events are never eligible for a refund, except if an event is canceled or rescheduled in which case you will be eligible for a full refund.

For deals requiring a deposit upon reservation, vouchers that have been redeemed for that purpose are not eligible for refund regardless of whether you use the service or not.

For deliverable goods that are received with defects, missing parts, or that are inconsistent with the description on the website you have 2 working days to request a full refund.

Once redeemed all vouchers are no longer eligible for a refund.

Partial Payment Purchases

All partial vouchers ($3 vouchers) are ineligible for any refund. Any request for refunds or returns should be discussed with the party offering the deal, to whom you would have pay the remaining amount upon redemption.